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Honor Code

The User accepts the usage of the WEBSITE, and of the services associated to its courses, in accordance to all the rules and provisions under the current legislation. Moreover, the User agrees not to use them for political activities of any kind, or for the purpose of sending emails, or for publishing prohibited content, which is defined as:

  • Slanderous or threatening content.
  • Content that includes illegal activities or that encourages others to commit such activities.
  • Content that violates intellectual property of others, included but not limited to, authorship rights, brand rights, or commercial secrets.
  • Content from which there is no right to disclose under confidentiality contracts or fiduciary duties.
  • Material that includes obscene language or audiovisual content (for example, pornography).
  • Advertisements, promotional materials, or any other kind of commercial proposal.
  • Content that harms other Users or visitors in any way.
  • Illegal content or content that violates in any way the current local, regional, national or international legislation.
  • Content that attacks the vulnerability of any network or system.
  • Content that breaks or dodges the security measures.
  • Content that interferes or affects any User, server or network; for example, through sending a virus, spam, massive messaging to any other User, to the WEBSITE, to the Services, or to the space of the courses.
  • Content that includes malware or the usage of the WEBSITE, the Services or the space of the courses to distribute malware.

Even though RFEA does not monitor the content published by the Users in a regular way, it reserves the right to delete prohibited content it is aware of, even if it is not obliged to do so.

Copyrighted material, comprising evaluation programs, charts, text, pictures, audio, video, music recordings, can not be published on the site, courses or spaces associated with the courses, without the explicit permission of the copyright owner of the material, or without any other legal right regarding the usage of it.

Finally, you accept not to access or attempt to access the account of any other user, as well as not impersonate or trying to as long as you are using these spaces.